Rainbow Music Video Released (Pérolas)

Liana Pearl and the Pérolas have released their much awaited music video “Rainbow”.

Jag Singh (Tabla and Trumpet)
Liana Pearl (Harp and Vocals)
Fabian Aravales (Acoustic Guitar)
Samantha Bruzzese (Dancing)
Manuel Cancino (Video and Editing)

Rainbow’ was composed by Liana in her travels to Byron Bay Mid-2016. Where she encountered a french sound engineer named Ariel (name meaning Lion of God), who described the connection between the artist and lister to be like a ‘Rainbow,’ where a message through song can resonate with someone in the present and many years into the future. This music video features the beautiful dancer Samantha Bruzzese, embodying a dream-like goddess in the film and sharing her rainbow in the dance art form to further capture the composer’s vision. Filmed by Manuel Cancino, a videographer from Chile, with an eye and ear for capturing beauty in stillness, movement and sound.


Posted by Jag Singh