Love Steppe Discovery

Steppe 1. Learn to cut logic with with more logically logical logic

Steppe 2. Learn to accept the Truth .. become the message

Steppe 3. Serve serve serve until your bones are ground to dust

Steppe 4. Be lucky enough to be blessed to be the architect of Love

Steppe 5. There is nothing but love

Steppe 6. When you have been tortured for your love .. hold both sides of the scale in a firm grasp … the centre of the universe is not numbness in the centre … it is fully Being with mind and heart in a vital warm all encompassing embrace

Steppe 7. With both sides firmly held start to tend to the needs of the Earth

Steppe 8. With the innocence of a child become the Dreams of every Hope and the Hopes of every Dream

Steppe 9. Lost helping this world, the one which has been a cerebral warrior continues to find his way as a warrior of the Heart, the nonsensical Mind takes from the Heart, and Heart with infinite depth keeps giving

Steppe 10. Once the Tired Mind has taken all it can take from the Tireless Heart .. the Heart says:

“You have taken from me all you can take … now let me give something to you!”