When lives fracture When hearts tear
When minds scream What else compares
When you feel raw When tears can not fall
Dried up of forgiveness You’ve heard it all
When you think why? Why keep lifting?
Why keep carrying? Why keep drifting?
From your own path….
Even if you don’t know what it is
Who you are
Where your home is
Where you are safe
Where your thoughts can let go
Where your mind is calm
Where you can just be
Without latching on
Where you can cry
Without emasculation
Where you can sigh
Without explanation
Where you don’t lie
In a bundled mess
Where each fragment of your self
Can converge in truthful recess

Then you look deep inside your Self
You pierce your heart even further
The deep dark void inside stares back
And says… Have you heard her?
And you do… You think over
And again you evaluate
You scream in pain as you kill your Self
And you shed your mental weight

You hold still… For a second
Then you carry on again
Knowing you’ve got more to lose
But yet even more to gain

When I’m dead left with no wants
No aspirations or desire
Only then at bedrock bottom
Will my minds eagle fly higher

Am I ready? Will I ever be?
Have I always been this poor?
Hungry wanting always eager
Giving taking till I’m sore

Here I am, I’m still asking
Is no wonder I’m demented
Letting pieces of me spread across the universe fragmented.