Kororoit Vedic Nonsense

Snaking around, slithering through the basalt plain,
My mother holds me in her warm embrace.
I push and persuade through the land, as I make my way,
Cutting, I exert my influence, and I shape the Earth.

Reverberating, I power through as life springs forth,
An effervescent rush roars through me.
My scars from tender to rough, I lust for my salvation,
A hollowing out through my core.

My children cry before me, I stand helpless and cry with them,
My children needing saving, my friends come to care for me.
Influence overtaken, I dry up of innovation,
They fight for me with passion, together we start working.

To spread forth and invade … to adapt to flourish and to survive …
To save and live, to crave and give, to hold and nurture,
My lover is torn from me, her corpse displayed before me,
A thorn appears, through my heel, I wince as it sears through me,
To fight and torture, and to reclaim the Earth … to skip and graze.